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Hay and Straw mini and junior bales produced on Organ Farms. The Hay and Straw business has been our main focus for the last few years.  We produce Alfalfa Hay as well as Alfalfa Grass Mix & Orchard Grass.  All of our hay is baled with an accumulator and handled mechanically.  We produce about 15,000 small square bales of straw per year.

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Current In-Stock Inventory Available:
  • Mid-Squares (3x3x8) Orchard Grass/Alfalfa
  • Round Grass Bales (5x6)
  • Small Squares Grass Hay
  • Small Squares Alfalfa/Orchard Hay
  • Small Squares Alfalfa
  • Large Round Straw Bales
  • Small Square Straw Bales
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Mini BalesMini BalesAlso available:
  • Alfalfa
  • Grasses
  • Hay
  • Grass/Hay Mixes
  • Small Square Bales, Midsquares in Hay
  • Straw - small square and midsquare bales available.
  • Barley Straw: 8 oz bags, 5 lb bags (tubular netting on request)
  • Mini Bales of Straw (3x3x6)
  • Junior Mini Bales of Straw (6x8x15)
  • Mini Bales of Hay (3x3x6)

Barley StrawBarley StrawBarley Straw

This year we will be producing Barley Straw again.  Barley Straw is one of the newest products at Organ Farms.  After several months of research which includes speaking to the EPA, University Extension Offices Nationwide, Fish and Forestry personnel, Golf Course Superintendents, Waste Water Treatment facilities nationwide, and numerous pond and water garden owners we believe we can offer this ALL NATURAL PRODUCT and feel good about its results.  Being Chemical free makes it safe for your drinking water, decorative water ponds, Koi ponds, Fisheries, Golf Courses, and other recreational uses.  This is a great way for Livestock and Horse Operations to keep water tanks cleaner and provide healthier water for your animals and less hassle for you.

Barley Straw has been used for centuries in Europe. Proper use of Barley Straw can lead to much cleaner and clearer water.  Barley Straw has been know to inhibit new growth of algae, but will not kill existing algae.  Barley Straw is an All Natural Product and is environmmentally safe for all of your water.
If Barley Straw is used properly, 8 oz. could treat about 1000 gallons.  1 Surface Acre requires between 90-225 lbs. of Barley Straw depending on the quality of your water and the nutrient level.
Barley Straw works best when treatment is started in early spring before the water temperature reaches the lower 60's.  Barley Straw should NOT harm fish or desired plants if properly used.  Barley Straw works best when packed loosely in netting so that the sunlight, water, and oxygen can penetrate the bags.
Barley Straw is NOT known to be directly hazardous, however anything that decays in water in large quantities will reduce oxygen levels.  This is NOT a likely problem unless the barley is massively over applied and the pond is already oxygen-limited by overstocking fish, applications of Copper Sulfate or decomposition of other organic materials, such as leaves.
Noticeable improvements from the Barley Straw depend on several factors including:  water temperature, quality of the straw applied, and how well it was applied and the specific type of problem the pond has.  Fermenting of the straw could begin within a week or two if the water temperature is in the 70's.  It can take up to 6 weeks in cooler water.

  • 8 Oz. Bags that treat approximately 1000 Gallons of water commonly used for decorative water ponds or fountains.
  • 5 lb. bags that are floated and used for ponds or larger bodies of water.
  • Tubular netting custom designed to suit your needs for special water needs.
  • Delivery Quotes are available.
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