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Organ Farms was established in 1945 by my grandparents.  In the past 60 years we have produced corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, rye and buckwheat.  We have been in the beef (cow-calf) production business and swine (farrow to finish) operation.

We are now aggressively developing our hay and straw business.  We produce most types of hay and buy and sell hay regionally.  The straw business serves the local market as well as large contractors and lawn and garden centers.

The newest additions to Organ Farms include barley straw and two different sizes of mini bales of straw for decorative purposes.  Also mini bales of various hays for the pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla and other pets).  We have been working with these new products for several months.

Our hay and straw is put up in small square bales.  We do everything mechanically.  This means nice, tight, heavy bales for you.  Also, loading is easy for everyone.  If you bring a trailer, you won't have to load them by hand.   We also have everything designed for self-serve if you come when we are not available.

During the fall months we offer a full line of decorative items as well as mums, pumpkins, gourds, fodder shocks, and our mini bales that can be decorated to suit your own taste.  We have used them for fall weddings, as well as custom designed for special birthday centerpieces.  This fall we plan to have more items to offer, as well as a corn maze,  a "build-your-own-scarecrow", and hopefully a straw fort for the kids to play in.  Lots more things to come.

Call or stop by at your convenience and see our operation.  Delivery is available on a needed basis, especially on the barley straw and mini bales.  Hay, and straw can also be delivered.  Call for prices.
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